Marco O studied art in Europe and continued to work in California in ceramic, sculpture, then fine metals, stone -forged steel and bronze. To diversify, she created small sculpted jewelry. In her desire to bring more color into her work, she made very lightweight earrings in fiber. Lately, fused glass has added a wide range in colors and shapes ~small and large. Larger work is often combined with cast bronze.

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Art in glass is ancient, yet new technologies give artist more freedom to experiment, using mixed media to create more original designs. Fusion is also called warm glass, since the temperatures used lie between stained glass-cold- and blown glass-hot.

Glass used:glass comes in sheets or rods or powder and is cut into shape, powder added to the sheet as additional color effect.

  • Cathedral glass: transparent glass
  • Opalescent: one cannot see through
  • Dichroic- glass: metallic oxides are deposited on the surface at high temperatures in a vacuum furnace. It creates a brilliant coating.
  • Iridized glass:Opalescent or cathedral glass has been coated with gold , silver or rainbow colored tin mix. Colors have varied shades and therefore unique.
  • Slumping : a mold of steel or ceramic is used to give sheet glass the shape one wishes to make , like a bowl etc

Artists learn to create their own effects in order to create more interesting, individual pieces of art. Kilns are mostly , not always computer controlled. However pieces are handmade and certain inconsistencies , imperfections are part of the mystery of this process.

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